Municipal Notices

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2021 Final Budget

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2020 Infrastructure projects supported by the Federal Gas Tax Fund

Trade and transportation project 
56 km of rural road habilitation supporting the on-going rehabilitation of the rural road network with gravel for the resurfacing. Total project price $66,759.65

Recreation Project
Chapple Community Centre Renovations - New lighting system was installed in the Community Centre. Not all lights were working and therefore becoming a hazard. LED Light Replacment had also been identified in our Energy Management Plan - more efficient/cost savings. Total project price $2,544.00

Municipal Notices 

 Council Statement of Remuneration and Expenses

2017 Statement of Remuneration and Expenses - Council

By-law #1689 - By-law to Approve 2018 Statement of Council Remuneration and Expenses

By-Law #1729 - 2019 Statement of Council Remuneration and Expenses 

ByLaw #1751 - 2020 Statement of Council Remuneration and Expenses

Energy Consumption and Green House Gas Emissions Reporting

Township of Chapple - 2012 Reporting Year, Reported 2014
Township of Chapple - 2013 Reporting Year, Reported 2015
Township of Chapple - 2014 Reporting Year, Reported 2016
Township of Chapple - 2015 Reporting Year, Reported 2017
Township of Chapple - 2016 Reporting Year, Reported 2018
Township of Chapple - 2017 Reporting Year, Reported 2019
Township of Chapple - 2019 Reporting Year, Reported 2021



Bylaw #1717 - Township of Chapple Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan 2019-2023

Township of Chapple Strategic Plan 

 Township of Chapple Strategic Plan - Developed 2013



                  Final Staff Report ZBA02-15 - New Gold - February 9, 2015