Welcome to the Township of Chapple

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Next Council Meeting 

 February 10, 2015

Starting at 9:30 a.m. in
Council Chambers

Planning Advisory Committeee Meeting will be taking place

February 10, 2015

at 9:00 a.m. in the Council Chambers

Fire Permits

Annual Requirement January 1 - December 31

Fire Permits are required for all burning in the Municipality of Chapple

  • Incinerator Permits are $5/season

  • Burning Permits are $5/week.

As per By-law No. 1424 passed on May 10, 2011, burning is to occuer no sooner than two (2) hours before sunset and extinguished two (2) hours after sunrise, or earlier.

Burning permits can be obtained at:

Chapple Municipal Office 


Les & Sharon McNally


James Gibson


Janet Johnson


Latest Updates

Notice of Complete Application and Statutory Public Meeting
and Council Meeting for a Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment
ZBA02-15 - New Gold Inc.

Can be found at


Notice of the Passing of a Anomalies Amendment to the
Zoning By-law Amendment  ZBA01-15 (By-law #1455)

Can be found at